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Who Are We

The Cancer Foundation is relying on support from anyone willing to help. The trustees have funded the project so far and are relying on outside help, so the charity can grow from strength to strength.

Currently we have campaigns running in Bristol, Exeter and surrounding areas. Our representatives will be carrying out door to door and shopping centre collections.
When our representatives carry out a door to door collection, the following procedures will take place:

1. The representative will introduce themselves and produce an identity card
2. The representative will tell you what they are collecting for and provide you with
an information leaflet and ask for a donation
3. If a donation is kindly given, a receipt will be provided

If a representative has not followed the above procedures, please contact us and we will investigate the matter.

The e-mail address for complaints is: or call us on: 0300 102 21 20

We are also approaching companies for corporate sponsorship. Any companies that we work with will be donating to the charity and in return we will allow them the use of our corporate logo in association with their business. So, if you see our name on websites, signs, letterheads, business cards or even the side of a van, you know these businesses are supporting our efforts.

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